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Friday, 20th September 2024

Bon Secours Health System – Exceptional People Awards 2024

Join us for an unforgettable evening celebrating the exceptional people across our organisation.

This prestigious event honours the remarkable individuals and teams embodying our mission and values, as well as their dedication to delivering exceptional care.

Date: Friday, September 20th 2024
Location: Rochestown Park Hotel, Cork
Time: Drinks Reception at 6.30pm
Dress Code: Lounge Suits and Cocktail Dress

Prepare to be inspired as we recognise the outstanding achievements and contributions of our dedicated professionals. We look forward to celebrating with you!



The Innovation – Clinical Award will be given to an individual or team in a clinical area who demonstrates innovative thinking. The award recognises the efforts of a new or improved process, programme or initiative with a demonstrated improvement in patient care, quality, service, financial operations and/or safety. The results must be measurable and show positive outcomes. Either an individual or a team may be nominated for this award.

This award celebrates the introduction of fresh ideas or the implementation of creative solutions that have made a tangible difference. Nominees for this award, individuals or teams, showcase inventive thinking and resourcefulness – leading new processes, programs, or initiatives that yield measurable improvements in areas such as quality, service, financial operations, communications and/or safety. These innovative initiatives demonstrate a commitment to excellence and contribute to the continual enhancement of BSHS.

The ‘Excellence Through Quality’ Award will be given to an individual or team whose efforts support BSHS’s goals of quality. This individual or team must have collaborated towards a common quality improvement goal and contributed to the success of the organisation. The award recognises a person or team whose quality improvement has improved patient / staff safety; patient care and experience; or quality of service in line with Goal 2 of the 2025 plan, Exceptional Care. Either an individual or a team may be nominated for this award.

The Outstanding Team Initiative Award will be given to a team whose efforts are supporting one or more of the 5 goals of the 2025 Plan: 1) Exceptional People 2) Exceptional Care 3) Operational Excellence 4) Sustainable Growth and 5) Living Our Mission. This team must have collaborated towards a common goal and contributed to the success of the organisation. The team must consist of at least three members including the team leader. The team can consist of members working in the same or different disciplines, e.g., Nurses, HCAs, Doctors, Support Staff, Health and Social Care Professionals, Administrative staff, etc. This could be a clinical or an office team, e.g., Finance, Bookings or Admin.

This award will be presented in recognition of outstanding education, learning or development in the health system. Consideration will be given to nominees who have demonstrated outstanding application of education, learning or development in the workplace. Applications are also welcome in this category for those who have designed and delivered education, learning or development programmes within the health system. Either an individual or a team may be nominated for this award.

This award recognises individuals or teams who exemplify the highest standards of compassion, service and care in their interactions with patients, residents, service users, families, physicians, and colleagues. Nominees for this award demonstrate a profound commitment to understanding and addressing the needs of others, fostering teamwork, and going above and beyond in their roles. They actively promote a culture of empathy and support, empowering those around them to achieve their full potential while consistently delivering exceptional care. Whether through individual acts or collaborative efforts within a team, nominees for the Exceptional Care Award embody the core values of Bon Secours Health System Ireland and serve as inspiring examples to others.

Please Note: Nominees for this award will come through patient feedback and will be selected following a review by the local Director of Nursing and Quality and Risk Managers. One nominee will be selected per site location to go forward to the awards event and a decision will be made by the Judging Panel on the overall winner for the Bon Secours Health System.

This notable award recognises individuals or teams who embody our ethos of stewardship and contribute significantly to fostering a culture of sustainability within BSHS. Nominees are evaluated based on their initiatives to implement or improve operations and structures within their scope of responsibility, resulting in measurable positive environmental outcomes for their hospital or BSHS. Projects may include raising environmental awareness, fostering environmental responsibility, or minimising environmental impact. Where possible evidence of the impact of implemented changes (financial or another metric) should be detailed. The Bons Blue Goes Green Award celebrates those who lead by example and inspire others to embrace sustainable practices for the betterment of our health system and planet.

The Outstanding Leader Award honours an individual who exemplifies remarkable leadership qualities, driving meaningful change and fostering growth within their team and Bon Secours Health System. This award celebrates leaders who personify the mission and values of our organisation and inspire others to strive for excellence. Exceptional leaders, regardless of their formal title, lead by example, motivating their colleagues and empowering them to take ownership of their work. They possess a deep understanding of their team members’ strengths and effectively align them with activities to optimise performance for the collective benefit of the organisation.

Distinguished by their energy, enthusiasm, and passion, outstanding leaders are deeply invested in every team member’s success. They provide support, guidance, and encouragement, fostering an environment where everyone can thrive. Teams under their leadership often achieve remarkable success and exhibit high levels of loyalty, as these leaders inspire a profound sense of commitment among their followers.

The Unsung Hero Award will be given to one individual who demonstrates exceptional service in how they live the values of BSHS, going above and beyond the normal expectations placed upon them to either ensure patient safety, patient satisfaction or the delivery of a particular corporate objective. The Award will be given to the individual staff member who is deemed to provide a consistently high-quality service and who demonstrates the following:

  • Commitment to the Values and Mission of BSHS.
  • Displays effort and dedication over and above the call of duty.
  • Strives to improve performance in their area of responsibility.
  • Goes the extra mile in helping patients, visitors and colleagues.
  • Portrays a positive ‘can do’ attitude.
  • Acts as a positive representative of the health system at all times.
  • Communicates effectively and is caring and professional at all times.

Please note: The Management Team on each site will decide from all the nominees submitted locally who the overall winner is for their site. The seven site winners will then go forward to the Awards event and a decision will be made by the Judging Panel on the overall winner for the Bon Secours Health System.

This award will be presented to an individual or team that has made a valued contribution to the BonsConnect project this year through their expertise and/or understanding of organisational processes. BonsConnect is one of BSHS’s largest transformation projects to date. It requires immense support from staff at every level, across every hospital site. The BonsConnect Project Team is hugely grateful for the engagement received from Bon Secours staff so far, particularly the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). The BonsConnect Award seeks to recognise one of these individuals or teams and award them for the time, effort and thought they have gifted to the project. Nominees should demonstrate high levels of engagement with the BonsConnect team or team member, strong decision-making skills and be seen as a project champion at hospital site level.

Please note: Staff working within the Project Team are not eligible to enter.

This year we celebrate 200 years of the Bon Secours Mission. The Good Help Ambassador(s) Award commemorates individuals and teams who embody the essence of Bon Secours mission. This prestigious award celebrates the remarkable efforts of staff members and consultants who go above and beyond to serve and uplift their communities through charitable projects, volunteerism, and compassionate outreach. Nominees for this award demonstrate unwavering dedication to projects and works which make a positive impact beyond the walls of our facilities, enriching the lives of those in need and embodying the spirit of service.

This award recognises individuals or teams who have demonstrated outstanding dedication to promoting holistic wellness within BSHS. This award celebrates initiatives that prioritise the physical, mental, and emotional health of staff. Nominees for this award have implemented creative and effective programs or interventions that foster a culture of wellbeing, enhance work-life balance, and support overall health and resilience. Whether through initiatives focused on nutrition, fitness, mental health support, mindfulness, or other areas of wellness, equality, diversity and inclusion, the Wellness Advocacy Award honours those who strive to create a healthier and happier environment for all in BSHS.


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Please note only forms downloaded from this site for each category will be accepted for submission. They can be downloaded from the individual categories that are listed above this section of the website. Click on the download button to get a copy of the form in Word format. Fill in the form and submit it here.


Friday, 12th of July 2024

at 5pm


To Be Announced

Highlights from the 2022 Staff Awards Ceremony


Rochestown Park Hotel, Rochestown Road, Douglas, Cork, T12 AKC8

Accommodation: Phone: 021 489 0800 | https://www.rochestownpark.com/

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Bon Secours Health System – Exceptional People Awards 2024

The Exceptional People Awards is a prestigious bi-annual initiative to celebrate remarkable individuals and teams within Bon Secours Health System.

Aligned to the Exceptional People Goal at the heart of our 2025 Plan the ceremony provides an opportunity to recognise and award the phenomenal work underway across the organisation. It highlights individuals’ and teams’ commitment to living our mission and values, as well as their dedication to delivering exceptional care to patients. Whether you interact directly with patients or contribute in other areas, everyone plays an essential role in the service of others.

The awards are open to staff and consultants from all locations across the organisation. Those who wish to enter any of the categories will be supported by a clear and transparent process, including an independent judging panel. Please ensure to read the supporting materials before entering. For additional support, please contact your local HR team.

Date: Friday, September 20th 2024
Location: Rochestown Park Hotel, Cork
Time: Drinks Reception at 6.30pm
Dress Code: Lounge Suits and Cocktail Dress

Discounted rooms will be available for staff who wish to stay at the hotel.

Robbie Whelan

Commercial Manager
[email protected]
Ph: +353 (0)86 603 6525

David Neville

[email protected]
Ph: +353 (0)87 6739 726