Friday, October 6th 2023
St. Vincent’s University Hospital | Staff Recognition Awards 2023
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About the Awards

Introducing St. Vincent’s University Hospital’s Inaugural Staff Awards: Recognising Excellence and Fostering Innovation

At St. Vincent’s University Hospital, we are thrilled to introduce our inaugural Staff Awards, a vital undertaking for 2023 and an integral part of our hospital’s strategic development. We recognise that our staff members are our greatest asset, yet their exceptional efforts often go unnoticed. These awards aim to change that by enhancing morale, fostering innovation, instilling pride, and showcasing our organisation as an outstanding place to work.

The awards offer a unique opportunity to acknowledge the contributions of all our staff, both clinical and non-clinical, through various award categories. They celebrate innovative practices across the hospital, enabling us to share these breakthroughs with the wider community and enhance healthcare delivery for improved patient outcomes.

All staff members in the hospital will have the chance to participate in the awards, supported by a transparent and impartial process. Independent judges will evaluate the submissions, culminating in an elegant Gala Awards Ceremony to honour the winners.


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Award Categories

Exceptional Patient Experience Award: Celebrating Extraordinary Care and Compassion
This prestigious accolade will be presented to an exceptional individual who embodies the highest ideals of care, delivering extraordinary service to patients, families, physicians, and co-workers. This award recognises those who possess a profound understanding and genuine compassion for people, promoting harmonious teamwork and consistently surpassing the expectations of their assigned role.

The recipient of this esteemed award will demonstrate an unwavering commitment to empowering others to reach their full potential, creating an environment where everyone can thrive. They will be recognised for their consistent dedication to delivering the “Exceptional Patient Experience,” enriching the lives of those they touch through their exceptional care and unwavering dedication.

Clinical Area Innovation Award: Celebrating Creativity and Impactful Change

This distinguished honour will be bestowed upon an individual or team within a clinical area who exemplifies a forward-thinking and innovative mind-set. This prestigious award acknowledges those who have introduced new or enhanced processes, programmes, or initiatives that have demonstrated significant improvements in quality, service, financial operations, and safety.

To qualify for this award, the results of the innovation must be measurable and demonstrate positive outcomes. Nominations can be submitted for either an outstanding individual or an exceptional team. A team consists of three or more members, including the designated Team Leader, and can be cross-functional or within a specific work unit, as long as it operates within a clinical area.

We invite you to nominate individuals or teams who have implemented ground-breaking ideas, driving positive change and making a tangible difference within our healthcare environment. Help us celebrate the innovators who have embraced the challenge of enhancing our clinical practices, fostering excellence, and ultimately improving patient care.

Non-Clinical Area Innovation Award: Celebrating Visionary Thinking and Impactful Change
This esteemed recognition will be presented to an individual or team in a non-clinical area who exemplifies exceptional creativity and forward-thinking. This prestigious award honours those who have introduced novel or enhanced processes, programmes, or initiatives that have demonstrated notable improvements in quality, service, financial operations, and safety.

To qualify for this award, the outcomes of the innovation must be measurable and showcase positive results. Nominations are open for both outstanding individuals and exceptional teams. A team consists of three or more members, including a designated Team Leader, and can be cross- functional or work-unit-based, as long as it operates within a non-clinical area.

We encourage you to nominate individuals or teams who have embraced innovative ideas, driving positive change and making a tangible impact in our non-clinical operations. Help us celebrate those who have gone above and beyond to enhance our organisational practices, delivering excellence in service and contributing to the overall success of our institution.

Unsung Hero Award: Celebrating Extraordinary Dedication and Going Above and Beyond
This distinguished honour will be bestowed upon an exceptional individual who exemplifies extraordinary service to patients or the organization, surpassing the ordinary expectations placed upon them. This prestigious award recognises those who have gone “the extra mile” to ensure patient safety, patient satisfaction, or the achievement of specific corporate objectives.

The recipient of this award will be someone who has demonstrated unwavering dedication and outstanding commitment, consistently going above and beyond their regular duties. They will have made remarkable efforts to ensure the well-being and satisfaction of our patients or have contributed significantly to the fulfilment of critical organisational goals.

Coaching, Mentoring, Research, Education and Training – Celebrating Outstanding Mentoring and Training in the Hospital Setting
A prestigious accolade that honours exceptional coaching, mentoring, research, and training efforts within the SVUH staff community. This award recognises individuals or teams who have displayed remarkable expertise in providing outstanding contribution in any of these fields in our hospital setting.

This award is open to both individual and team nominations, giving recognition to those who have demonstrated exceptional capabilities in any of these areas. Consideration will be given to nominees who have not only excelled in their endeavours but have also served as role models and mentors to their fellow staff members.

Excellence in Leadership Award: Recognising Inspiring Leaders and Positive Change
A distinguished honour that celebrates leaders who demonstrate exceptional leadership qualities and drive valuable and positive transformations within their teams and the organisation as a whole. An excellent leader embodies our core values, creates a compelling vision for the organisation, and inspires their staff to achieve that vision by serving as a role model, motivating and encouraging employees, and challenging them to take ownership of their work.

A great leader understands the unique strengths of their team members, aligning them with tasks and activities that optimise their performance for the greater good of the organisation. They inspire others through their commitment, setting high standards, and consistently delivering exceptional performance. Even newcomers (minimum 6 months working at SVUH) who have quickly become an inspiration to others through their unwavering dedication and their ability to uphold elevated performance standards are eligible for this award.

Best Team – Celebrating Commitment, Innovation, and Inspirational Leadership
We are honoured to present the Best Team Award, a prestigious recognition that celebrates the remarkable achievements of an exceptional team within our organisation. This award acknowledges the collective efforts of a group of individuals who have consistently demonstrated unwavering commitment, fostered innovation, and provided inspirational leadership.

We are seeking teams who have gone above and beyond in their contributions, consistently delivering exceptional work that exceeds expectations. These teams have not only embraced innovation but have also made a significant impact on the overall patient experience and the well-being of our staff.

We invite you to nominate a team that embodies the spirit of commitment, community, innovation and leadership.

Quality Improvement Award: Celebrating Collaborative Efforts and Positive Impact
Quality Improvement Award, a prestigious honour to be bestowed upon an individual or team whose unwavering dedication has supported the hospital’s goals of quality. This award recognises those who have collaborated towards a common quality improvement goal and significantly contributed to the success of our organisation.

The recipient of this award will be an individual or team that has demonstrated exceptional commitment to quality improvement. Their efforts will have resulted in tangible improvements in patient and staff safety, patient care and experience, or the overall quality of service. Whether an outstanding individual or an exceptional team, this award celebrates their valuable contributions towards enhancing the quality of care and services provided.

A team consists of three or more members, including a designated Team Leader, and can be cross- functional or work-unit based. If nominating a team, it is required to designate one person as the Team Leader.

Submit Nominations

Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Please note only forms downloaded from this site for each category will be accepted for submission. They can be downloaded from the individual categories that are listed above this section of the website. Click on the download button to get a copy of the form in Word format. Fill in the form and submit it here.

Closing date for nominations – EXTENDED 24 HOURS !!

Now August 25th 2023

at 6pm

The Judges

All Judges are independent judges, external to St. Vincent’s University Hospital

Paul Gallagher
Paul GallagherChief Director of Nursing & Midwifery, Ireland East Hospital Group
Linda O’Leary
Linda O’LearyHospital Manager, Wexford General Hospital
Mr Paul Balfe
Mr Paul Balfe former Consultant Surgeon from St Luke’s General Hospital Kilkenny
Hugh Duggan
Hugh Duggan previously HR Director at St James’s Hospital
Imelda Reynolds
Imelda ReynoldsSVHG Board Member
Bridget Cunningham
Bridget CunninghamStrategic Access Manager, Novartis
Paul Culleton
Paul CulletonHead of Customer Account Management, Ireland, Roche Diagnostics Ltd.

Staff Recognition Awards – Sample Judging Criteria

Example: Outstanding Innovation in a Clinical Area

  • Relevance: This criterion assesses how well the innovation addresses the need for a new or revised process, programme, or initiative in a clinical area. Judges will consider the alignment between the innovation and the identified need, evaluating how effectively it addresses challenges or gaps within the clinical setting.
    Effectiveness: This criterion evaluates the outcomes achieved through the innovation, focusing on its impact on quality, service, financial operations, and safety. Judges will assess the measurable results and improvements resulting from the implementation of the innovation, considering how it has positively affected these key areas.
  • Innovation: This criterion examines the level of creativity and innovation demonstrated by the individual or team responsible for the innovation. Judges will evaluate the uniqueness and originality of the approach, considering how it breaks new ground, introduces novel ideas, or applies existing concepts in a fresh and innovative way.
  • Transferability: This criterion assesses the potential for the innovation to be transferred, implemented, or applied to other departments or groups within the organisation. Judges will look for evidence of how the innovation can be shared, scaled, or adapted to different contexts, evaluating its potential for broader impact across the hospital or healthcare organisation.

These judging criteria will guide the assessment of nominations for the Outstanding Innovation in a Clinical Area award. By considering the relevance, effectiveness, innovation, and transferability of the nominated innovations, the judging panel will determine the most deserving recipients of this recognition.

The Venue

Talbot Hotel, Stillorgan, Dublin

Accommodation : Call (01) 2001800 | [email protected]

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About Us

Save the Date: St. Vincent’s University Hospital Staff Recognition Awards 2023 Ceremony
Mark your calendars for a night of celebration and recognition! The St. Vincent’s University Hospital Staff Recognition Awards 2023 Ceremony will take place on Friday, October 6th, 2023.
Join us for an unforgettable evening at the beautiful Talbot Hotel in Stillorgan. This special occasion provides a fantastic opportunity to connect with colleagues who are driving improvements in patient safety, patient care, ingenuity, and service quality throughout the hospital.

While we honour excellence and dedication, the night is also about creating memorable moments and enjoying some well-deserved fun. We encourage all staff members to dress up, let loose, and revel in the festivities. (P.S. it’s not Black Tie !!)
Don’t miss out on this remarkable event where we come together to celebrate the exceptional achievements and contributions of our staff. We look forward to seeing you there!

Discounted rooms will be available for those who want to stay over at the Talbot Hotel

Accommodation: Phone: (01) 200 1800 |  [email protected]

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Commercial Manager
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